Is It OK To Put The Dishwasher Tablet in The Cutlery Basket?

Dishwasher cutlery basket and a dishwasher tab.

It may happen that the door of the detergent dispenser on your dishwasher malfunctions, breaks, or just gets stuck. Have you ever wondered whether you can put the dishwasher tab in the cutlery basket or other parts of the machine instead of the detergent compartment? The purpose of my post is to find out whether … Read more

Is White Residue On Dishes Harmful? – 6 Possible Reasons and How to Eliminate Them

A wine glass

We all expect the dishwasher to make our dishes sparkling clean. Instead, we are sometimes faced with the fact that a chalky white film has formed on our kitchenware during the washing cycle. Have you ever wondered if the white film on dishes is harmful to your health? The purpose of my post is to … Read more

Will Microwaving a Sponge Make It Smell Better?

Colorful kitchen sponges

The dishwashing sponge is almost constantly wet, which favors the growth of bacteria and the development of unpleasant odors. Have you ever wondered how can you solve the problem of smelly sponges? On the Internet, you will find many conflicting opinions about whether it is possible to disinfect and deodorize a dishwashing sponge in the … Read more

Why Does Everything In My Kitchen Feel Sticky? – (Explained!)

Gas stovetop

Sticky kitchen furniture and appliances are frustrating for all of us, but unfortunately, sticky deposits come inevitably with cooking. The stove and the surfaces around it become sticky to the greatest extent. Have you ever wondered why every item in your kitchen feels sticky and what you can do about it? Let me shed some … Read more