What are the Benefits of Good Food Hygiene?

Boiled, cracked eggs

Nutrition plays a major role in our lives, so how we treat our food is very important. Especially if we are responsible to provide it for other people. During my years in food production, I learned a lot about food safety. Based on this, my article aims to highlight the benefits of good food hygiene. … Read more

What are the Benefits of Food Preservation?

Pickes in jars

Most fresh foods can only be kept safely for a short time, as they begin to spoil quickly. Since early times in history, people have devised ways to solve this problem and extend the shelf life of food. In this article, I’d like to talk about the advantages of food preservation and briefly present the … Read more

Why Some Food Items Spoil Faster Than Others?

Sushi and raw fish

Some types of food retain their quality for a long time and can be consumed and stored safely, while other types start to deteriorate very quickly and can even cause food poisoning. The purpose of this article is to investigate why some food items deteriorate so rapidly. Foods with high water content and rich in … Read more