What Substance Makes the Cake Soft and Spongy?

Four chocolate cherry cake squares on a plate.

Achieving the perfect texture in cakes is all about understanding the key components and how they work. This article explores the ingredients and methods that contribute to a tender and fluffy texture in cakes. Sponge cakes, as well as other cake batters, typically achieve their soft and spongy texture by incorporating egg foam that is … Read more

Are Eggs Considered Wet Ingredients?

White and brown whole eggs in an egg carton, with two cracked egg halves with egg yolks on top.

While some ingredients are undoubtedly easy to classify, others can leave you questioning their category, such as eggs. In this blog post, we’ll answer whether eggs are considered wet or dry ingredients and explain their composition and function in baking. Eggs are typically classified as wet ingredients in baking due to their high water content … Read more

What Makes Cakes Turn Brown? – Exploring the Science of Browning in Baking

A round sponge cake with cherries, topped with powdered sugar.

Cake browning is more than just a surface change; it’s a complex chemical process that takes place during baking, turning raw batter into a nice and tasty cake. This blog post aims to explain how the choice of ingredients and mixing and baking techniques influence the browning process of baked goods. At its core, cake … Read more

Is Strudel Dough the Same as Filo Pastry?

Two unbaked strudels on a baking tray lined with baking paper, filled with sour cherries.

Are strudel dough and filo pastry the same thing? That’s a common question when it comes to baking. In this blog post, we’ll examine the relationship that exists between these two dough types, known for their thin layers, and whether they are genuinely connected. Filo pastry and strudel dough share the same ingredients and preparation … Read more

Why Is My Shortbread Dough Too Crumbly?

A round shortbread decorated with almonds

When it comes to baking, we all aim to achieve the perfect texture, and shortbread is no exception. However, discovering that your shortbread dough is too crumbly can be quite frustrating. In this blog post, we will explore the potential reasons behind the crumbliness of the dough and provide advice to ensure your shortbread turns … Read more

Why Is Puff Pastry Technically Not Viennoiserie?

Croissants in a bowl

Both puff pastry and Viennoiserie are types of famous French pastries known for their buttery texture. While they might seem closely related, they’re not as similar as they appear. Let’s find out why puff pastry isn’t exactly considered part of the Viennoiserie family. Puff pastry isn’t considered part of viennoiserie since it’s not made using … Read more